Prepacte za chyby, som Polak a ucim sa slovensky. Bude pisat po anglicku a myslim ze budede chapat.

I am really sorry for using English on this slovak forum and I hope you understood what I said above... I am looking for first, oldest slovak bands which played or still play classic hard rock, bluesrock rockandroll... Are there any bands playing like Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple from England? Like ACDC from Australia? Omega from Hungary or Breakout from Poland?
Please, let me know if you know anything. I tried to research, but I found only bands like Ursiny, Beatmen or something, but they don't fit me I am afraid.
Once again, I am sorry for using english but my Slovak is not too good yet.. I have been learning I for only two months. If you have problems understanding, use google translator - it's quite good translating english>other languages. Thanks!